Three QBs being blocked in the same game is an uncommon accomplishment by Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons were blocked four times in the final quarter of Thursday evenings 25-0 misfortune to the New England Patriots.

Each of the three quarterbacks in uniform for the Falcons added to the reason too. Matt Ryan was caught twice, once by Devin McCourty and once by J.C. Jackson. Ryan was then supplanted at quarterback by Josh Rosen, who expeditiously was blocked by Kyle Van Noy for a 35-yard score. Rosen then, at that point, sat down as Feleipe Franks came in and had his one pass endeavor took out by Adrian Phillips.

As per Josh Dubow of the Associated Press, its the initial time in more than 20 years that a group had three separate quarterbacks toss interferences in a similar game.

The last time such a game happened was for the San Diego Chargers in 2000. Moses Moreno began the game and was captured twice in 21 endeavors.

Ryan Leaf supplanted Moreno in the second from last quarter and was caught once before Jim Harbaugh came in for the end phases of the game and was additionally blocked. Brian Walker took out Moreno and Leaf with Sam Madison likewise getting a take out Moreno and Patrick Surtain taking out Harbaugh.

The Houston Texans are answerable for a somewhat later game that included three separate hostile players took out.

Matt Schaub, Rex Grossman and running back Chris Brown all threw block attempts in a 2009 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Schaub was harmed on a sack on the first offensive play of the game for Houston with Grossman supplanting him. Grossman was caught by Anthony Smith on his subsequent pass attempt of the game.

Schaub would step back in during the second quarter and he would be taken out by Justin Durant. Brown was then blocked on a halfback go endeavored halfway through the final quarter by Gerald Alexander.

The staggering piece of the Falcons accomplishment on Thursday night was that the interferences came on four continuous belongings. Atlanta has now gone two straight games without scoring a score. The reality many groups dont have multiple quarterbacks dynamic for games any longer make the odds of such a game happening considerably more uncommon.