Three reasons why Sanjit Lucksman is the next big thing in the industry of the Subcontinent?

Originated from Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, Sanjit Lucksman is one of the emerging talents of the sub-continent. He’s been part of many big projects and that is the reason why he is one of the most talked musicians in the region. Here we have four reasons why believe Sanjit Lucksman is the next big thing in the sub-continent.


The major reason why we believe he is the next big thing in the sub-continent especially in an era when music craze is on boom is because of his versatility. He is not part of the crowd, he has mastered different fields of music and he likes to experiment which makes his different.


Another reason why his name is on everyone tongue is because he’s super talented. He’s been awarded the Sri Lankan state music award and he’s been nominated several times and it is because of his talent that he’s been able to work with names like Kamal Haasan and Shreya Goshal.

Going with the flow

Going with the flow is the key of success, you have to go with the flow in order to gain the momentum and also gather the fame. There is a right time for every genre and that’s what Sanjit Lucksman is good at. His skills are not only limited to classical numbers, he’s also produced hip hop tracks as well, and he is also working on EDM’s and mash-up tracks as well. So there is no way he’s going to miss out on anything at the moment.   

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