TikTok star Shobi Malik and his story of success.

Over the last year, our lives have gone through an unusual change especially in our day-to-day happenings. People now have more time to spare and less positive content around them. Most people look up to social media in order to keep things positive.

Platforms like TikTok have kept people sane and smiling in a way no other apps have done. Before the pandemic had occurred, TikTok was seen as a weird new version of YouTube and Instagram. It felt out of place for our generation. But it has given many youngsters a platform to showcase their talents and skills in acting. Actors like Shobi Malik are now famous because of TikTok and its combined usage with other social media apps.

Shobi Malik, alias Muhammad Shoaib, is a famous TikTok and YouTube content creator, and actor from Pakistan. He sustains more than half a million followers on TikTok while a 100k each on Instagram and Youtube.

He doesn’t just perform on videos and sell, but he also likes to engage his audiences with interactive activities such as giveaways. His most recent was Samsung giveaway 2021. He set up a contest with a quiz and a kid named Amrit Panjwani won that contest to have received Samsung’s S21 Ultra.

Coming to his personal life, Shobi hails from Pakistan and is a religious person. Coming from a humble background Shobi has an immense love for supercars. His love for cars and luxury travel lands him awesome projects as an influencer. He has done ramp walks for some designers and creators as well. Shobi has been an authentic model and a seamless actor. With this said we truly believe that people like have kept the morale of people across the globe high, especially during the past year. We’re certain that Shobi will thrive and rise even higher in his career as an influencer.

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