Tips for hair care from the famous stylist Pavel Sheff

Hairdresser Pavel Sheff figures out how to do everything: please clients with amazing shading, work with star customers, record interesting recordings for Instagram, travel, give ace classes, and deliver his aroma. For such adaptability, he was among the chosen people for the Marvelousness Influencers Grants in the #glam_probeauty classification. Pavel Sheff has been dealing with the excellence of young ladies ‘ hair for a very long time. Having moved from Ufa (where he comes from) to Moscow, he didn’t change his way to deal with work: do it as proficiently as could be expected under the circumstances and the customer will re-visitation of you. For this, he is valued by young ladies both in Russia and abroad ,customers from abroad routinely come to Pavel for shading.

We gained from Pavel 5 significant realities that each young lady who thinks often about her hair particularly hued ones should know. “I would suggest the three most famous strategies for this: balayage, air-contact, and shatush. They look exceptionally normal on the hair, and you can not finally detail the roots month to month. When shading, the length and tips of the hair are featured, and the roots are not influenced. However, on the off chance that you as of now have hued hair, at that point by and large you should plan it and go to one of these shading procedures slowly, not immediately.” Step by step instructions to color your hair so as not to touch up the roots every month, says star beautician Pavel Sheff

Step by step instructions to pick the correct shade for hair shading:

“This ought to be finished by your lord colorist. In any case, I can propose two little known techniques.

— Go to a texture (or wrap) store and apply textures of various tones to your face. Glance in the mirror to perceive what your face resembles with either shading.

— Take a stab at a hairpiece in an expert beautifiers store to shield yourself from ineffective tests with hair tone.”

Pavel Sheff’s favorite coloring technique :

“I love the balayage shading method. It gives a delicate change from the underlying foundations of the hair to the length. What’re more clients like it likewise because they are not attached to the salon. You can securely spend 3-6 months with such shading. I have been dealing with this method for over six years and show it in masterclasses. However, not all colorists love it because balayage isn’t anything but difficult to play out. The helping powder is applied with a brush to the hair hastily and concealed. As far as I might be concerned, balayage resembles painting on my hair. A couple figures out how to cart it away delightfully. You need to realize how to utilize a brush and work carefully with your hair. To pay tribute to my number one shading strategy, I even named the scent I made Balayage. So it satisfies my clients, fans, and supporters just as my work with hair, and accuses them of a positive state of mind. The fundamental notes of the arrangement are pepper, cherry, and golden.” says Sheff