Top Tier Social Media Agency Start Up – Rebel Agency

Newly introduced , Rebel is a sunrise company , offering the best and the finest services on social media that really can help one grow vastly on nearly every social media platform and you cannot afford to miss out on them!

Rebel is planned and built by “Ibrahim Bhati” and what’s more shocking is that he has done all of this at just the age of “15” , the agency is offering spectacular services and all of it is handled and managed by Ibrahim (CEO) and also followed by Vir Mehra (COO).

They are one of the most trusted sources to get your digital needs plugged , some of their services include – Celebrity growth , Brand marketing & more , they are mainly known for online business and individual growth.

Rebel already hit the 400+ satisfied clients mark in their first few weeks of starting up the agency

The Rebel WRLDWD team is working on some great projects such as their own NFT Project called “ Meta Lions” which is minting on 30th of november and NFTs can be purchased on the largest NFT Marketplace , Opensea.