Toyota Manufacturing in Huntsville makes a huge declaration

Toyota is spending $288 million for workers at the manufacturing plant in Huntsville to construct and develop the engine for the 2022 Toyota Tundra.

In case you’re searching for a job, Toyota Manufacturing is searching for you.

The organization is presently hiring many workers.

”This new engine line will make an engine about every 58 seconds once we get ramped up. That equates to about 18,000 engines a month, that we’ll be producing just off of this new engine assembly line,” said manager Mark Klee.

The Toyota Manufacturing Plant in Huntsville will be the exclusive producer of the new, improved and incredible Toyota Tundra, twin turbo V6 engine in North America.

“This is the top of the line engine. It’s the most complex, and it gives the customer the most out of any product that we offer in North America,” said Klee.

“We expect information on the pricing and fuel economy to drop in October, but it does have the towing capacity of 12,000 pounds. That’s 17 percent more than the previous engine. In addition, it has 389 horsepower. It is a powerful engine,” said representative Bekah Schmidt.

Representatives will turn building the engines one month from now.

“The fact that Alabama has been chosen to make this engine, just really shows the companies confidence in the Alabama location,” said Klee.

The representative for Toyota says the beginning compensation is $19 an hour to work on the assembly line.

It will be one of a few engines made in the plant.