Venkata Kiran Amruthavaakkula, the CEO of KCS Technologies Inc. is Investors Most Preferred & Trusted Choice

Ever since the COVID 19 outbreak, the entire world economy and business opportunities went down, now a lot of business owners and investors are looking out for opportunities to invest in reliable businesses to get their ROI whereas some are on the lookout for a person who can take their brand/business to the next level. Yes, each company and entrepreneur wants to grow and become a global brand, which is, of course, no easy task. It would help if you had a real legend for that.

As per our search and observation, we come across very few business leaders who are doing really well in these challenging times, Venkata Kiran Amruthavaakkula is one such person, fondly known as Kiran. 

Venkata Kiran is the CEO of KCS Technologies Inc. that deals with software products and services. The company was started in the year 2008 with the name Kapil IT. However, it could not establish itself as a brand. Ever since Kiran has joined KCS, it has grown multifold. Kiran joined an Indian business unit (Kapil IT Solutions) with local customers, but today, KCS is a global brand, and the entire credit goes to Kiran. Just in a one-year span, Kiran has taken KCS to another level. After joining the company, the first thing that Kiran did was changed its name from Kapil IT to KCS Technologies. Today, KCS is a renowned name in the world of business.

During the lockdown, when other companies were firing their employees, KCS hired new employees. While few companies are closing their branches in various locations, KCS opened a new office in Indonesia and earned $2.5 million worth of projects. The brand name was even displayed in Times Square.

Kiran has an image of making small companies into International brands; KCS is no exception. He carries vast experience; in some of the companies he has worked, he started as the first employee and gradually made those companies 500 to 3000 Employees Company. His technical, Sales, and Branding experience can make any company a global brand at the accelerating phase. One can just hand their company over to Kiran and just watch the progress; everything else will be taken care of by his strategy, plans, and hard work.

The first company he joined as CEO was Ambit Incorporation, Delaware. Like any other company, it struggled to brand itself the right way, but after Kiran’s joining wonders started to happen, he made it a successful brand. After relocating to India from the USA, he took Applied Discovery Indian operations as the first employee. Now the company has grown up to a very big corporation before its acquisition by EPIQ. Then there was Fortek that he joined as the first employee and grew it to over 1000+ employees’ company. With KCS, he is repeating the same success story. No wonders! Why Kiran is a proven choice for investors to start their growth journey or accelerate it.

Scrolling down more, we got to know from our resources that before joining KCS, Kiran got a lot of inquiries from the Investors, Venture Capitalists, and Business Owners to associate with them. They wanted him to help them to enter into the software Industry. But Kiran joined KCS – Division of Kapil Group because he found the Chairman of Kapil Group an amicable and kind-hearted person! Well, that’s another side of his personality that he goes by heart! He seems to be a perfect blend of great minds with a wonderful heart!