Vodafone resumes service following a network outage that left thousands without data

Following a seven-hour interruption that prevented thousands of Britons from accessing the network, Vodafone is again back online.

Yesterday morning, at approximately 6:20 a.m., the network appeared to breakdown, causing problems for users all over the United Kingdom.

Throughout the morning, more than 3,500 problems were reported on Down Detector, and at approximately 2 pm, service was eventually restored.

A Vodafone representative then stated, “We can confirm that the network issue experienced by some customers this morning has been fixed and normal service has resumed.”

Of those who reported problems, 56% stated they were having trouble accessing their mobile internet, and 36% indicated their cell phone was the issue.

Five percent of the sample said they were having problems with their landline internet.
Down Detector gathers information about network outages in the UK from a variety of sources, such as user-submitted reports and social media.

A heat map displaying the impacted regions revealed power disruptions in several major UK cities, including as Glasgow, London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

A Vodafone representative told Metro earlier today, “We are aware that some customers are having intermittent issues with our network.” We apologize for the inconvenience; our staff is putting a lot of effort into fixing the problem, and we anticipate having it fixed soon.

Giffgaff, a mobile network, is also experiencing significant disruptions across the nation in the meanwhile.

Consumers in Nottingham and London have reportedly been experiencing identical issues, with no signal at all since January 5.

It is thought that traffic overloading on city center masts is the cause of the outages.

When a disappointed client commented on Down Detector, a Giffgaff representative said, ‘The issues being faced in the city centre may be due to busy masts in the area.’

‘We’re unsure why you’re currently disconnected, but would recommend reaching out to our agents for help with resolving the service issues you’ve been facing.’