WhatsApp currently needs biometric authentication for PC and web access

You’ll currently need to affirm your identity utilizing your biometric data to connect a WhatsApp account to the PC or the web. The Facebook—owned organization has added a layer of protection to its applications to restrict the chances of another person connecting to your account without your knowledge or permission. However long the phone you’re using has face or fingerprint unlock open turned on, WhatsApp will request that you experience the authentication process when you interface your account to the service’s desktop application or web version.

After the service verifies your identity, you’ll at that point need to examine a QR code with your phone. The new biometric authentication feature is active by default, and the simply route not to trigger it while connecting your account is to totally turn off face or fingerprint unlock. WhatsApp, which will before long execute a changed privacy policy that permits it to share data to Facebook, says it won’t approach your biometrics at all and will direct the authentication process through your phone’s OS.

WhatsApp’s new security feature will work close by another, which send your phone notifications at whatever point someone logs into your account on the web or a PC. The organization is by all accounts dealing with more features for its non-phone applications, also, uncovering in its declaration that it’s “going to be adding a lot more functionality to [its] apps for Mac and Windows, as well as the Web” this year.