World Cup 2023: Kane Williamson closes down pitch contention while Gavaskar terms pundits ‘numbskulls’

New Zealand chief Kane Williamson has closed down the contention encompassing the Wankhede pitch after a segment of worldwide media, in the number one spot up to the India versus New Zealand elimination round guaranteed that BCCI had doctored the pitch to suit the host country.

Talking at a presser after the match, Williamson said the pitch was a pre-owned one yet it played only how a standard surface should.

“No, I mean, yeah it was a used wicket, but a pretty good surface really, as we saw. I mean, they got plenty out of it in the first half of the match. And conditions, I guess they change as they go under lights and things, and that’s what we’ve seen throughout this competition,” said Williamson.

The Wankhede pitch all through the competition has offered tad to spinners in the main half prior to giving a similar motivating force to quick bowlers under light as moistness and light breeze come into thought. A similar occurred on Wednesday (Nov 15) when Indian bowlers took the ball post 6:30 pm.

“That’s what you expect and they played really well. So yeah, I mean it’s disappointing to get to this stage and not go further, but also at the same time you sort of reflect on the seven weeks rather than a couple of small moments and we lost to a better side,” added the Kiwi captain.

After the match, unbelievable previous Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar, in a no limits discourse hammered the pundits of the pitch by naming them as ‘morons’.

“All the morons who were talking about the pitch change. Just stop. Stop taking potshots at Indian cricket. People have said a lot of things to attract eyeballs or whatever. It is all nonsense. The pitch was there and even if it was changed, it was there before the toss for both the teams,” said Gavaskar.

“Stop talking about pitches. Already they are talking about Ahmedabad and the second semifinal hasn’t even taken place. They are talking about the pitch being changed in Ahmedabad. Nonsense,” he added.

What was the contention?

As indicated by reports, a new pitch was initially wanted to be utilized for the elimination round. Nonetheless, since India qualified for the principal elimination round by garnish the gathering stage, a pre-owned surface that helps the host group’s spinners was utilized for use, prompting allegations of pitch change.

While a segment of media made furore in regards to the new pitch, ICC put out an announcement saying no guideline was disregarded in the portion of the surface.

The Indian spinners made some extreme memories on the pitch as Williamson and Daryl Mitchell never permitted them to settle. It was Mohammed Shami’s virtuoso with the ball that permitted India to leave with a success when the Kiwis at a certain point, took steps to pursue 398.