Xbox App will, at last, allow you to install games anyplace and access their folders

In what’s without a doubt going to be the most exciting information for PC Game Pass members on Windows, Microsoft is authoritatively working on making the Xbox App more Steam-like – precisely the thing everybody has been asking for.

First detailed by – and later affirmed by Microsoft – a new version of the Xbox App is being tested internally. This update will mirror the features players anticipate from Steam, and essentially every other game launcher on PC.

At the point when it releases, clients will actually want to install games freely on any drive/directory, away from WindowsApps’ protected folders. It will likewise be feasible to move installs around without having to re-download the whole game, something that isn’t as of now conceivable.

This unrestricted access opens the door for game modding, which is something else the new update will enable. Modding Windows Store games has been non-existent for most of them (however a few permit it), and its been one of a few significant staying points for players.

At long last, the new Xbox App will offer options to repair and confirm the integrity of downloads, another feature the current Windows Store frequently fails at.

Xbox Insiders would now be able to test the new update, and a more extensive beta is relied upon to be available later.