Xbox is conceivably collaborating with Hitman dev on exclusive fantasy RPG “Project Dragon”

IO Interactive might be known for the bare and stoic Agent 47 from its Hitman franchise, yet a report from Windows Central demonstrates that it could be dealing with another fantasy-themed RPG that is right now being alluded to as Project Dragon. Jez Corden of Windows Central says he got data transferring that IO Interactive and Microsoft have been examining the task, and a task posting that is since been filled or brought down from IO Interactive’s careers website lists another, unannounced triple-A project being worked on by a department called Dragon.

Xbox has been on a spending binge of late, with late buys including ZeniMax Media and Bethesda Softworks recently, so subsidizing and building up a major spending triple-A game with IO Interactive is certainly not a long ways from the real world

Whatever the game winds up being, and if Microsoft is included, it’s something worth watching out for. IO Interactive has a background marked by growing generally welcomed games, from Hitman: Blood Money to Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days to the new Hitman set of three that closed recently. Between Project Dragon and IO’s James Bond game Project 007, it would seem that the organization is set for an intriguing future ahead.