Xbox one versus PS 4

The Xbox one and PS 4 were launched almost at the same time and since then have competed against each other vigorously. Both gaming consoles have ardent fans and loyal users who are sure that their favourite console is the best in the industry but the gaming pundits are still unable to find the winner. 

So we decided to take the matter in our hands and find out the better gaming console between the two. 

1. Price-

There is little to differentiate between the two when it comes to pricing. The base level price of Xbox and PS 4 is approximately between 250 pounds to 300 pounds. 

But if you are interested in enjoying the best-in-the-class entertainment then be ready to shell out more money from your pocket. The PlayStation 4 Pro comes at a price of 400 plus pounds and delivers a stunning gaming experience featuring real-life gaming visuals. The Xbox one X isn’t too behind and it offers an impressive gaming experience for a price of approximately 500 pounds. 

If your decision of buying a gaming console is based on price then you will be split for choice as Xbox one and PS4 have a similar price range. 

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2. Games- 

The Play station 4 has a distinctive advantage in this category. It has more exclusive games in its library which means you can play them only on PlayStation 4. 

And not to forget that this games library is highly impressive. From the ‘Bloodborne’ to the ‘Uncharted’ series, Sony offers a plethora of games that take gaming experience to a completely new level. 

You can play a lot of popular games on Xbox one such as the ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Call of Duty’, but these games are available on other consoles as well. When it comes to exclusive games, Xbox one has little to show as their games list is limited to ‘Halo’ and ‘Forza’. 

The sheer number of exclusive games under its belt pushes PS 4 ahead in the battle of supremacy against Xbox one. 

3. Services-

Generally for gamers ‘services’ mean two things- 1. Access to free games. 2. Access to online multiplayer gaming. Both Sony and Microsoft offer these services. 

The subscription cost of Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are approximately the same. Although these facts hint that both consoles are neck-to-neck in the category of services, it is Xbox one which emerges victorious when we dive deeper. 

Xbox one’s Netflix like gaming service, ‘Xbox Game Pass’ is a ‘game-changer’ in a nutshell. This service allows you to download 100 plus original Xbox games and you also get a chance to see any game launched by Microsoft. And all these features come at a cost of 10 dollars a month. It is nothing less than a steal as it gives you a glimpse into the future of video gaming!

4. Miscellaneous points-

Since figuring out the winner with the above points is difficult we delved a little more. 

One key prospect of PS 4 is its VR headset. The Virtual Reality feature is only available in PlayStation 4 which offers it an advantage over Xbox one. But to enjoy this service you have to spend around 200 pounds more.

The cloud save functionality is available in both consoles and they both are armed with camera and microphone peripheral. 

The Verdict-

After weighing both gaming consoles it is evident that both have their own set of perks and perils. 

PlayStation 4 has more exclusive games but the rich and expansive games library of Xbox one cannot be ignored. Some of the popular games such as ‘God of War’ are available only on PS 4 but Microsoft’s friendlier approach towards gaming works in the favour of PS 4.