YouTube has blessedly finished its 4K Premium paywall experiment

Express out loud whatever you will about Google services being free in light of the fact that you’re the item it’s selling to advertisers — by the day’s end, most of us are completely able to sit a few targeted ads inasmuch as they get us access to that sweet, sweet content. However, when we hear about that content getting locked behind a paywall, we begin getting extremely apprehensive — and this was precisely exact thing we recently saw in a test YouTube was directing, where it restricted 4K video access to paid Premium subscribers. Fortunately, that test has now finished.

YouTube fans were set up to brawl recently, after a limited number of viewers found themselves roped in to the platform’s latest test. We see YouTube evaluating new stuff constantly, either through tests clients can deliberately pick into, or A/B tests it’s directing with clients in general. This 4K task seems to have been one of the last option, and for watchers included, 2160p content was set apart as confined to paid Premium clients.

Financially, something to that effect seems OK. Streaming platforms like Netflix charge extra for 4K and nobody appears to flutter an eyelash, all things considered. Perhaps Google figured it wouldn’t get so much pushback, however after the investigation was pitched, the terrible press could have been a lot to persevere.

No matter what its reasons, YouTube presently affirms that it has “completely switched off this investigation”. Presently, before we go commending that 4K YouTube will be free perpetually, it’s quite important that the help just guaranteed that the investigation is finished — and that in fact invites an especially non-exploratory, exceptionally long-lasting 4K Premium paywall. And keeping in mind that we haven’t seen any immediate proof for that yet… did we simply curse things?