Yuliana Grasman: The Central Asian Racing Queen

Yuliana Grasman, also known as Afra World, is an iconic figure in racing world and popular Model, Actress, Author, YouTuber & Instagram Star. She is famous throughout the world for her inspiring journey of life and breath-taking beauty, Modeling postures. She has also worked in several Emirati movies is mainly side roles and in prominent roles in certain cases. She is known as The First Lady Freestyle Drifter Worldwide braking through history of becoming the first ever women tafheet drifter. She entered gaming world literally sideways and at the very beginning stage made a lot of noise and exposed with huge audience, as well as in the game she known as the first girl ever done tafheet and she earned title Hajwalah Queen so fast. Her twitch live streams always full of emotions and tips which she share with her fans all over the world.

She currently resides in Dubai. She stands up to 1.65 m tall. She is known throughout the world with several names, and some of them are Afra, Afra Queen, Afra Black Edition, Afra Drift, Afra world, Queen of freestyle drift, Thafheet Queen, Hajwala Queen, Nissan Patrol Queen, Juliana Grasman. Not much is know about her educational qualification we know that she had graduated university with master degree. And she owes a company clothing brand named Black Edition. More then that she is the first lady who handles international community with more then 100 members with black cars in very short period called Black Edition Empire Royal Club Community. She has a very vivid fashion sense that is also reflected through her sensational dressing sense. She is a brunette with shimmering mix color eyes.  Her favourite car is a Nissan Patrol Vtc with more then 2000hp, and her favourite food is lagman and machboos.

She also has a YouTube channel named the Afra world where she uploads videos related to gaming, racing, travel vlogging, opinions about a certain matter, her cars, drifting. 

Not much is known about Yuliana’s personal life, like the name of her boyfriend. And details about her family members and staff. It is established that his father’s name is Oleg Grasman, and his mother is Inna Grasman. Other than this, she also has a brother named Alexander Grasman.

Yuliana Grasman is an emerging social media influencer and star with more than 240,000+ followers on her Instagram. She endorses several brands other than having her own. She is a well-calculated businesswoman. Some of her hobbies include Car Racing, horse racing, rear stones collector, & cars review. She is also into writing and writes poetry and has several poetries one of which is Ond day. Yuliana, from a very tender age, wanted to be popular and set an example for the whole female community throughout the world. She has worked with Shah Rukh Khan in his movie “Zero”.