Zhi Ko: “Chasing financial success without passion is a futile endeavor”

Lion Feutchwanger says – ‘A talented person is talented everywhere’, and it holds for Zhi Ko, popularly known as NekozTek in the gaming world. He dons several hats. Zhi is a digital marketer by profession. His experience of over seven years enables him to establish brand value, online social media presence, and navigating success for his esteemed clients. Zhi is fondly referred to as the ‘growth hacker.’ He is a Fintech commentator and an Esports specialist. He co-owns and runs the brand management with various gaming teams for Radiance, an Esports organization.

“I have always loved games. Playing Tennis at the professional level or playing video games – games are an integral part of my life. I casually started out creating educational and informative content around the video gaming space. And before I knew it, ‘NekozTek’, my gaming name was an overnight sensation,” shares Ko. His TikTok channel has over 10M likes on almost every video. He is now a sought after influencer in the gaming Tech space. This influenced him to launch something unique for his fanbase. As the CEO and co-founder of Noble5, Zhi offers optimum gaming technology, including mouse and other products. “The gaming market had products that would burn a hole in the pocket. We now provide high-end gaming technology at an affordable price range.”

Ko shares, “I have always believed in leveraging an opportunity with my experience. It’s a forever learning curve. Besides, this is my chance to contribute to society. All my business ventures aim at making technology easy for people to comprehend.” His knowledge of FinTech has helped him run three successful ventures, including Titan Ventures. Under his supervision, the company helps enterprises scale heights in the cryptocurrency space. He has also created an application similar to Acorns. This micro-investment app allows people to invest in the cryptocurrency of their choice.

“Cryptocurrency is the upcoming digital currency,” shares Ko. “I want to educate and enable people to invest wisely. My ventures will help them with their economic security in these evolving times.” Crypto Luxury, another business venture, is also co-owned by Ko. The Shopify platform focuses on delivering high-end collectibles and crypto luxury goods.” On sharing his future plans, Zhi says, “ I want to keep learning and creating valuable content. My goal is to grow along with my people.”