3 Tips on Starting a Successful Company by Urent’s CEO Omar Al Ashi


You must be wondering what it takes to set up a successful business? Or perhaps are trying to muster up the courage to put your business plan into action. Either way, CEO of ‘Urent’ Omar Al Ashi has you sorted.

Owing to his qualifications and considerable expertise in IT, business development, marketing and so forth, Omar has been no stranger to the ups and downs of running successful businesses. His drive to leave an impressionable footprint in the car rental industry has earned him several accolades.

Omar’s company, Urent is one example that speaks to his passion, a company that helps you rent cars directly from the dealers. Based out of Dubai, it offers the first peer-to-peer vehicle sharing platform in the region, creating a whole community that focuses on building trust between two people, one being the private vehicle owner, the other being the renter.

Below are a few tips by Omar Al Ashi on paving the path to success:

1. Encouraging Team Building

Omar stands firm on honing a team spirit that benefits everyone working in the organization. He believes that a good team is the super-power of any leader and so it is crucial to support, motivate and trust your team members. For him, it’s the only solution that can instill a clear understanding of goals and direction among all members working in different departments.

2. Providing quality customer care

Omar has always been passionate about seeing his customers benefit from the services Urent offers, which further motivates him to carve out effective strategies. Providing quality customer service has always been his top-most priority, and aims to impart the same principle across his companies. He believes that the first step in setting up a company is recognizing this very basic value. Omar and his team members have been thoroughly working on incorporating valuable feedback and perfecting their services.

3. Identifying meaningful goals

Carving out goals and consistently working towards achieving them has been the ultimate driver of Omar’s passion for raising a loyal community of vehicle owners and renters. He believes in building networks and developing expertise that goes hand in hand with the business’s future goals. As for the growth outlook of Urent, Omar hopes to provide new integrated features and expand its services across the globe.

We wish Omar the very best of luck in his future endeavors!

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