Starlink Internet and Security Cameras will be Installed at Highbanks Park

During its meeting on April 2, the Big Rapids Township board of trustees accepted a contract with Starlink for internet access at Highbanks Park in order to facilitate the installation of surveillance cameras.

Establishing Wi-Fi-operated security cameras will be made possible by the $599 hardware and $210 monthly service subscription included in the Starlink contract.

“We got the security cameras for the park. We need internet out there to utilize them,” said Carman Bean, the supervisor. “The cost is quite prohibitive to have Spectrum/Charter internet do it, so we have taken a look at Starlink.”

The quote they got from Charter Communications, according to Township Treasurer Penny Currie, was too expensive.

Currie stated, “I believe our quote at the time, because they had to bury the cables and come all the way down the drive, it would cost around $80,000, which was not feasible,”

Hannah Saez, the township clerk, has been given permission by the board to look into alternative options for internet access at the park.

The township board decided in June 2022 to put aside monies from the American Rescue Plan Act to support park upgrades, such as the installation of surveillance cameras that were purchased at that time.

The township finished renovating the park the next year, adding a new playground as well as new ball fields and dugouts.

Bean stated that the park has invested a lot of money on improvements, so it’s critical that they are properly maintained.