Google Play Store is featuring two Wear OS applications that don’t exist any longer

Google is attempting to revive Wear OS indeed. Also, those efforts were clear during Google I/O 2021 earlier this year. There, Wear OS 3 was the star of the show as a joint effort from Google and Samsung. Also, to kick individuals off with Wear OS, the Google Play Store is suggesting individuals “essentials” for your new watch. It’s all nice and good, then again, actually out of those basics, two applications don’t have a Wear OS version any longer.

The Play Store presently features Uber and Telegram as two “must-get” applications for any new Wear OS client, as spotted by Reddit poster mannabhai. With the exception of these applications can’t be a must-get for any new Wear OS clients, on the grounds that their Wear OS versions were discontinued. All the more specifically, the Wear OS version of Uber has been discontinued for a long time now, while Telegram quit being supported on these smartwatches a few days ago. The other applications in the list are acceptable, however it’s absolutely impossible to either install Uber or Telegram on a smartwatch any longer.

The most probable clarification for what’s going on here is that whoever was responsible for assembling the list didn’t get the memo that these applications were not accessible. All things considered, in the event that you pull out the list on an Android cell phone without knowing else, you wouldn’t know they’re not accessible until the second you planned to download the application.

As Google pushes further for Wear OS, we can trust see more applications to supplant these.