Samsung Expands the Language Support for Galaxy AI

Language barrier removal is one of the many useful features of Samsung’s Galaxy AI. It could only handle thirteen languages back in January when Galaxy Unpacked was happening. However, Samsung is poised to significantly expand its language support, thereby eradicating linguistic barriers globally.

Three new languages will soon be supported by Galaxy AI, according to a blog post from Samsung: Arabic, Indonesian, and Russian. Not only that, but the business is also introducing three other dialects: Cantonese, Canadian French, and Australian English. April is when the rollout is scheduled to begin, with additional languages to be added in the upcoming months. Once they go online, you may check if these language packs can be downloaded by going to Settings > General Management > Language Packs.

With the aim of streamlining the process of completing tasks on Galaxy phones, Galaxy AI is a suite of tricks that debuted with the Galaxy S24 series. Now that more languages are supported, things are improving even more. Consider Galaxy AI’s Notes Assist, which can now recognize handwritten notes in more languages.

It simplifies the process of organizing your thoughts by condensing your notes or converting them into useful lists of bullet points. Plus, more users will find it easy to summarize online pages with Browser Assist.

Live Translate, which essentially functions as a real-time translator during discussions, is another exceptional feature in the AI toolbox. When you speak, the other person hears you out loud, and vice versa. Regardless of the languages you are speaking, it records your speech and outputs translated audio so that you can both understand what is being said.

Later on, more languages will be available.

There will be additional languages added soon. Later this year, Samsung intends to introduce a number more languages, including Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, and Romanian. In the future, it intends to incorporate traditional Chinese and European Portuguese cuisine.

Although it’s rather useful to be able to search objects on screen using Google by circling them, that’s only the beginning.There are a ton of additional awesome features in Galaxy AI that will simplify your life.

For travelers who leave their phrasebook at home, this language upgrade is revolutionary. The new features from Galaxy AI can be a lifesaver when traveling, particularly if you only speak one language.