Iphone 15 Pro Design Approach Reveled By Vivo X100S Leak

A couple additional versions are anticipated for the Vivo X100 series.Given that the X100s’ design language has been revealed through leaks, the debut now appears to be approaching. The Vivo X100s are shown for the first time in real life in this leaked photo.

There are smartphones on the market with a variety of design languages. While some people might favor the flat frame design, others could prefer slightly rounded corners. The flat frame design gained popularity again thanks to Apple, and many other businesses soon adopted it. According to the most recent GSMARENA leak, Vivo may be modeling the X100s after the iPhone.

Vivo’s X100S Will Have A Flat Frame Design

A curved display was a hallmark of the previous Vivo X100 model, however the X100s model may modify this. The rear glass panel is somewhat curved (2.5D) and has a textured finish, according to the leaks. Like the other Vivo X100 versions, the back camera module is comparable. In addition, the camera arrangement appears to be the same as on the regular X100.

The phone is noticeably slimmer even though its design is similar to that of the iPhone 15 Pro. The Vivo X100s has dimensions of 7.89 mm while the iPhone has 8.3 mm. In addition, the Vivo X100s is available in cyan, white, black, and a natural tone inspired by titanium.

Having said that, the device is probably going to ship with the overclocked Dimensity 9300+, which is an upgraded version of the Dimensity 9300 found in earlier generations. Prior reports have alluded to a 1.5K flat screen and an emphasis on battery longevity. Therefore, we can conclude that Vivo intends to improve the standard X100 model slightly with the X100s, particularly for those who choose flat screens over curved ones. It is anticipated that the Vivo X100s, X100s Pro, and X100 Ultra will launch in May.