General Hospital Will Not See Nicholas Alexander Chávez Again

Fans shouldn’t anticipate seeing Nicholas Alexander Chavez return to General Hospital, even though no body has been discovered. The Daytime Emmy winner’s name was initially noticed missing from the show’s closing credits, according to Soap Hub. It has since been reported that he will not be returning, not for extended visits either.

Saying farewell to Spencer Cassadine

Chavez will not be returning to GH, according to a news report citing many sources who spoke with the site. Earlier this year, Chavez departed the program to begin filming his part as Lyle Menéndez in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix anthology series Monster. Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menéndez Story is the official title of Murphy’s second season.

There was formerly a plan for Chavez to return to GH after his work on Monster was over. It looks like they dropped that. After falling into the Siene in France with his ex-girlfriend Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl), Spencer was deemed dead in January. It seems that Spencer perished defending Trina.

Chavez began work at GH in the 2021 summer. His on-screen relationship with Trina, originally portrayed by Sydney Mikayla and currently by Tabyana Ali, contributed significantly to his rapid rise to popularity among fans. The pair was soon christened “Sprina” by fans.

When Chavez won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Performer in 2022, his colleagues recognized his talent for acting. In 2021, the actor was also named Favorite Newcomer by Soap Hub. ““so, so thankful to every single fan who watches the show and especially the ones who have welcomed me with open arms and appreciate the work that we’re doing for them.” Chavez expressed his gratitude to The Talk.

Although Spencer and Esme are buried in Port Charles, it’s possible that they will both rise from the dead and return to the narrative canvas. Pohl could play Esme again. Maybe GH will bring on a new Spencer; wouldn’t Rory Gibson, who is sadly underutilized in his role as Noah on The Young and the Restless, be a great choice? In your opinion, who could portray Spencer?