Acer Increases Business through WFH/e-Learning Usage and multiple business engines

Acer announces Quarterly_Reports and ACER GROUP BUSINESS UPDATE on October 23rd, 2020. The report shows Grew Business through WFH/e-Learning Usage.

As per the report, Acer Q3 Revenue YoY by Products is 38.0% and 94.4% through PC and Chromebook respectively whereas Industry Shipment (units) YoY by Product is 15.3% and 90% through PC and Chromebook respectively.

Acer establishes multiple business engines which are contributed to increasing revenue such as:

• AOpen (3046)

• Acer Cyber Security Inc. (6990)

• Acer Synergy Technology (6751)

• Weblink (6776)

• Acer e-Enabling Service Business (6811)

Acer 3.JPG
Acer 4.JPG


Download PDF file from here.