Affording College Just Got Easier at University of Phoenix

The thought of taking on college costs can be daunting for adults who are working, parenting and managing household bills and responsibilities. But there are also major benefits to pursuing a higher degree or even a certificate program for many professional-level, in-demand careers in business, technology, healthcare and education. Simply put, college degrees can help prepare you for new opportunities, and by approaching college costs with a strategic financial plan, there are college programs that can give working adults the leverage and skills they need to apply for a new position or transition into a new career path.

University of Phoenix has made the process of affording college transparent. Every student interested in pursuing a degree or certificate program receives guidance about ways to pay for their specific program. The University also provides locked-in tuition rates with one fixed price per course for any of its degree programs. University of Phoenix supports student goals to keep debt load to a minimum and offers a number of resources to help prospective students get there.

Financial Aid Resources at University of Phoenix

The University’s free net price calculator is a good first step for prospective students to understand how much they are likely to pay to attend University of Phoenix based on their income, children, living situation and financial aid status. The University also provides access to iGrad, a platform where interested students and those considering college costs can improve their financial literacy through online classes and personal money management tools such as budgeting, investing and student loan information.

Students applying to University of Phoenix are also introduced to the Consumer Information Guide (CIG), a tool provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). This resource provides detailed information about how the University meets federal requirements as well as information about its demographics and accreditation. The tool also includes details around borrowing, the federal aid application process, grant programs and scholarships, loans, financial aid options, military benefits, aid for transfer students and other related topics.

Courses That Provide Personal Financial Knowledge

The practical focus of degree programs at University of Phoenix offers a number of finance classes that not only provide college credit but can also help guide students in making smart money decisions in ways that can have major impacts on their futures and finances. The five-week online Personal Financial Planning course provides an overview of how to set personal financial goals, how to evaluate investment risks and returns and how to understand the market and assess financial situations. Those interested in gaining a better understanding of how money works in our day-to-day interactions and decisions can take another five-week online course: Everyday Economics and Finances. A course on Retirement and Benefit Planning provides online instruction in creating a retirement plan including different plan options, how to calculate tax deductions and contribution limits and how to create a full financial plan.

Understanding the Options for Managing College Costs

Eligibility for federal financial aid begins with filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. As a year-round, rolling deadline institution, University of Phoenix works with students to ensure that their applications are being submitted at the right time for their academic start year. Grant options include the Federal Pell Grant which typically goes only to undergraduates and maxes out at $6,495 for the 2021-2022 academic year. The amount any student will receive depends on a number of variables including expected family contribution, cost of attendance, full or part-time status, and plans for attending school for a full academic year or less.

Transferring provides another route for college savings through the 3+1 Transfer Pathway Program. In this program, students with an associate degree from a number of participating community colleges can also transfer up to 87 credits toward a bachelor’s degree at University of Phoenix in health management, information technology, management or nursing. It’s also wise for prospective students to check their employee benefits since many employers offer a tuition reimbursement plan that can also help to offset costs.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is committed to advancing the educational goals of adult and nontraditional learners and to helping students navigate career options that best suit their interests. The University’s degree programs are aligned with numerous in-demand career paths including in computer software, nursing and business. Flexible start dates, online classes and numerous scholarship opportunities make it possible for anyone to earn the degree they desire.

In addition, the University’s Career Services for Life® commitment to active students and alumni provides resources to help them be competitive in the workforce for no additional charge. These services include resume and interview support, career guidance, education and networking opportunities. Numerous Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) provide University of Phoenix students and alumni with lifelong connections that can help them network in their careers. For more information, visit