What Fire Watch Guards Carry With Them

Even if modern technology may have improved the way we prevent a fire from happening, fire watch guards are the next best option for any business. Since some fire equipment and fire prevention equipment may still fail, their services are the most useful to avoid the occurrence of this unfortunate event. Have you ever imagined having a failed sprinkler system when a fire is already breaking out?

If that situation freaks you out, hiring fire watch guards will give you peace of mind. They are highly trained security guards that focus on the prevention of fire. These guards are also in charge of implementing evacuation plans in case a fire has already occurred. Though this gives us an idea of what their duties are, what do they have to bring with them to do their responsibilities effectively?

Knowing what items that fire watch guard should carry will give anyone the idea if that guard is prepared. Whether you wanted to make sure or would also like to have these items to be accessible to anyone in the office or business establishment, here are the items they bring with them.

Notebook and pen

Every fire watch guard must keep thorough notes of everything that occurs during his or her shift. This information can save lives while also organizing the officer’s next shift. To avoid accidents and injuries, these guards must communicate with one another. This includes informing of any suspicious activity or person who might want to harm the business or area, fire-related or not.

Mobile phone

Though almost everyone has a mobile phone nowadays, a fire watch guard will need it the most. Especially in fire situations, calling 911 or the local fire department should be saved on the phone for easy dialing and access. Looking for a landline phone might take time, and it can cost a life when proper authorities are not contacted immediately.

Radio system

A two-way radio system is very important for fire watch guards especially when there are multiple floors or a huge to be covered with the other guards. This can serve as a way of communication when there is no mobile phone coverage in a specific area.

Megaphone (or access to the PA system)

it is considered to be one of the most important pieces of equipment to any fire watch guard. This is an item that will allow easier communication with people during evacuation. It’s tough to communicate above the sound of sirens and scared individuals. The use of a megaphone ensures that everyone hears the instructions. Because delivering the message during an emergency is essentially a matter of life and death, every fire watch guard should have this item or easy access to it.

There are other essential items that a fire watch guard should bring during their shift. This includes a flashlight, a reflective vest, and other related items. Fire watch guards and the essential items they should bring are equally important, as they will help them do their job efficiently.