Apple and Google are Considering Collaborating to Develop An iPhone Feature Called Gemini, According to Reports

It has been reported that Apple and Google are in talks to sign a massive agreement to use the Gemini AI model for iPhone features. Google already has an agreement with Apple to be the default search engine provider for the Safari browser on iPhones, so this will place the business in a strong position.

The report used unnamed sources with knowledge of the situation to claim that Apple is seeking to license Google’s artificial intelligence technology in order to roll out AI-enabled features with iOS upgrades later this year. According to report the business also discussed using GPT models in talks with OpenAI.

Apple is under intense pressure to overtake rivals in the AI space like OpenAI, Microsoft, Anthropic, and even Google. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated in February that the company plans to roll out Gen-AI capabilities “later this year.”

Apple may be developing a number of generative AI-powered internal and external tools, according to the company’s job postings from the previous year. Talks about using AI technology from third parties, however, indicate that Apple’s own AI efforts haven’t advanced as anticipated.

Some of the on-device capabilities of the future iOS 18 software update—which is anticipated to be unveiled at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), often held in June—may be powered by Apple’s own models. In contrast, the business is looking at collaborating with an outside supplier for generative AI applications like producing images and assisting users with writing.

With Gemini, Google has experienced its own set of issues. The business had to halt its image-generation feature last month since the model produced pictures that were inaccurate in the past. Afterwards, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, declared that Gemini’s answers were “completely unacceptable.” Google announced last week that it is worldwide banning queries connected to the election on Gemini.

Google has an advantage when it comes to releasing features connected to smartphones, even with these drawbacks. The business and Samsung collaborated earlier this year to bring AI features powered by Gemini to the Galaxy S24 line of smartphones. These capabilities are now available on the Pixel line of phones from the search giant as well.