Avaya’s OneCloud ARR up 38% sequentially in Q1 2021

Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA) reported financial results for the first quarter of fiscal 2021 ended December 31, 2020.

Engagent Health adopted Avaya OneCloud CCaaS across locations to meet existing needs and facilitate ambitious growth plans that will see them increase their contact center capacity by over 5x in 2021. This customer also chose Avaya Cloud Office to communicate internally to solve client and customer problems in real-time while executive management and multiple global operation centers share information quickly through one simple, mobile, easy-to-use solution.

Nebraska Medicine adopted Avaya OneCloud CPaaS across its organization to manage the enormous change in patient interactions because of the pandemic. Menus are easily being altered based on the changing environment and are providing direction on COVID-19 testing, vaccine administration and proactive appointment management.

In choosing Avaya OneCloud CPaaS, Ingolstadt Clinic, one of the largest hospitals in Bavaria, Germany, extended their long-term relationship with Avaya to create a highly-available and secure communications platform that would digitize processes and enable over 3,500 staff to work with each other, their partners and their patients while they are in physically separate locations.

The Contact Company, a longstanding UK-based customer, decided to use Avaya OneCloud Subscription as it provides them with the flexible consumption and commercial model they require to enable 1,500 agents to work remotely, as well as from 2 campus sites to serve their large customer base.

OneCloud ARR expected to be $415 million to $425 million by year end FY21.

As Avaya’s CAPS metric reflects revenue that is already recognized, management believes it would be helpful to provide investors with a better view into the performance of the company’s broader-based OneCloud software solutions that are driving the company’s recurring revenue growth by also providing a forward-looking metric, Annualized Recurring Revenue, or OneCloud ARR.

Source: https://investors.avaya.com/overview/default.aspx

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