BarterUnit LLC – An American startup launches a worldwide privatized Universal Basic Income program

Most of us have heard of cryptocurrencies by now – virtual money that exists only as bits and bytes and that’s not subject to control by any country’s central bank. Now there’s a new player, BarterUnit LLC, an American startup that has created its own “closed-loop” currency, called the “Barter Unit”. The new currency is a privatize digital currency, designed to help combat global poverty and inequality through peer-to-peer economic collaboration.

“The Barter Unit system is designed to emancipate people from the corrupted entrapments and financial extractions of the existing monetary systems. It’s a new income distribution system with principles that provide a sense of common citizenship free from bureaucratic limitations,” says Phillip H. Perez, the Founder and CEO of BarterUnit LLC.

Most importantly the system will have an optional embedded Universal Basic Income program. The UBI initiative is designed to strengthen creativity, security, freedom and economic growth. The Barter Unit UBI agenda is to establish the following:

  1. To provide an alternative medium of exchange system to facilitate the sales, purchases, or trades of goods between parties within a “closed-looped” community.
  2. To combat a broken and disproportionate economy and empower the economically marginalized by creating and distributing an alternative digital currency system.
  3. Eliminate the existing corrupted bureaucratic rules, regulations and formalities that are caused and sustained by heartless plutocrats.
  4. Offer a free digital alternative currency system as source of capital to help people get through hard economic times.
  5. Establish a global currency system that is democratically governed and dedicated to provide economic freedom and security to all participants, free from government intervention, corporate greed, Wall Street manipulation and political corruption and coercion.

“People must realize that our economy is failing the American people and people worldwide, at an alarming rate. Rentier Capitalism (corrupted policies created by special interest groups) has destroyed our way of life. The current monetary system is exploitative and oppressive and now is time to fight back by adopting a new income distribution system, one specifically designed to protect and advance the American people (and all future foreign participants),” says Perez.

The UBI program will launch August 01, 2020 and registration will be available via the company website at on August 01, 2020. The company is set to distribute 1,000 Barter Units, per month, for life, to every qualified human, as a basic human right. We are told that the UBI program will extend to participants in other counties worldwide as well.

Additionally, Perez has informed us that merchants of all sizes and from various geographic locations can also optionally participate in the Barter Unit Economic Development Committee (BUEDC) program. The BUEDC program is designed to encourage and empower businesses to adopt and utilize the Barter Unit as an alternative purchasing power method through the process of social economic collaboration. Each qualified merchant will receive 1000 Barter Units, per month, to help boost local economies and overall implement local sustainable economic development.

Perez is a headstrong entrepreneur, determined to make independent financial structural changes for the American people. The BarterUnit LLC establishment is determined to make the Barter Unit the closest digital equivalent of physical cash without the attachment of bureaucratic constraints.