Best Jasmine Green Tea: Researched and Verified By Medical Experts!

Camellia sinensis is a great source for tea, when we hear about various types of tea like Black tea, green tea, White tea, and best jasmine tea oolong tea but all these are from the common source. Green tea is considered as one of the healthiest drinks. Green tea is prepared by fermenting the leaves of camellia Sinensis, but the process of fermentation varies when compared to that of other tea preparations. Hence, it has a wide range of antioxidants and nutrients retained in the leaves. 

Contents of green tea:

Caffeine, Vitamin B, Folate, Magnesium, Flavonoids, Antioxidants.

Factors To Consider While Selecting The Best Jasmine Green Tea

Firstly, to lose weight we need to get rid of the fat that is present in our body. Breakdown of fat cells is necessary to burn the fat, and that must enter the bloodstream. The most important antioxidant EGCG is present in the green tea which helps in blocking the enzyme which breaks the hormone norepinephrine. Norepinephrine has a key role in boosting the effect of a fat burner, enzyme inhibition increases the levels of norepinephrine in turn increases the breakdown of fat cells. Presence of EGCG that helps in burning calories even during rest. It also helps in weight loss even by reducing the appetite.


  • Lose weight instantly – A strong myth in recent days is that consuming green tea as a daily routine reduces the belly fat and unwanted fat is lost instantly even by not following diet and eating a lot of sugars.
  • Green tea itself is a metabolic booster- It is an assumption that only consuming jasmine tea acts as a metabolic booster. The fact is that along with green tea we need to take a healthy diet and must follow proper exercise then the contents present will give a boost for the metabolism.
  • Anti-aging – It is also a widely believed myth, green tea has antioxidants that help in removing free radicals, provides glow to the face and prevents cell damage which does not indicate that it can stop the human aging process.
  • Adding milk to green tea-Many of them prefers to add milk by considering there won’t be any problem but when we add milk the benefits of green tea are nullified. It is because the casein which is present in the milk decreases the effect of antioxidants in tea.
  • Decaffeinated indicates free from caffeine – There is a belief that the teabags or the sachets if written as decaffeinated then are free from caffeine, but that’s not true even if the tea is decaffeinated a small amount of caffeine residue will be present in it.


  • Weight loss drink– Jasmine tea can be most preferred as the go-to drink for weight loss as it has the ability to burn fat but it is only possible with the proper diet and regular exercise.
  • Lowering of blood pressure– green tea is nutrient-rich which has the ability to keep the systolic and diastolic pressure in control, but it does not mean that it is a medication for blood pressure, instead it is a remedy for controlling the blood pressure.
  • Matcha and green tea are different– they belong to the same family but they are different. Matcha tea follows different methods, unlike green tea which have higher benefits than green tea.
  • Control of blood sugar levels– one of the most important benefits is that it controls blood sugar levels, presence of ECGC helps in producing Insulin and control the production of glucose in the blood.
  • Presence of Caffeine– unlike coffee it does not have adverse effects due to caffeine it acts as a stimulant and even supplies a lot of energy to the body.