Launches a new Digital Branding Agency, Offering Entrepreneurs Thousands of the Best Start-Up Names and Web URLs for a fraction of the competitors Pricing models.

Extensively researched for maximum brand impact, dot COM URLs available at most reasonable rates

SYDNEY, Australia—November 14, 2020, — a new full-service Digital branding agency, is scheduled to launch on the 12th of Dec 2020. The Australian firm offers entrepreneurs and business owners a complete digital branding and marketing service along with thousands of competitive domain names. As described on its website, BigDad has conducted extensive research on available URLs for maximum brand impact. The BigDad Name Analyst team handpicks, curates and selects the best trending start-up names by Industry category. Their process is based on naming trends and conventions with a variety of criteria, such as length, radio test, spell test, memory test and brand-feel, amongst other key parameters. All Brand names also show the comparative Sales for similar names just like the Real Estate industry parameters.

“We work with early stage companies on branding,” explained Jenny Gardner, a Brand & Domain Specialist at BigDad.  “In branding, the issue of domain name is arguably one of the most important factors for an entrepreneur. What’s your business name going to be? What’s your URL? Is it Appealing? Is it Memorable? Those questions are extremely relevant to success in marketing and customer retention. That’s the problem we solve for start-up businesses. Your Brand Appeal is crucial. Customers decide in seconds whether they like the Brand name or not before deciding to probe further about the Product and Services.”

Startups need a good brand name to be competitive in the marketplace. That means having a Web URL that matches the company’s name. In particular, success requires having a dot COM (.com) domain, not any other extensions like .net or .org or .club. Gardner added, “The single most respected business domain is .com. Also, numbers or hyphens in a name are a big no-no. These names would just not pass the radio test. Try saying ‘’ on the phone. Is it ‘two,’ ‘to’ or ‘2’? Plus, a spelling mistake in the URL would take the customer to the competitor’s page!”

To meet the needs of its clients, BigDad has over 3,000 dot COM and dot COM dot AU ( for selection. These include 3- and 4-letter domain names such as or, and so forth which are both pronounceable and are easy to remember. BigDad’s Name Analysts and Logo Designers create and position client brands with stimulating naming conventions, e.g., unique, creative, positive and memorable. They also provide a Free logo design package which comes with the Domain, that is inventive, distinctive, catchy and vibrant.

BigDad creates brand names with end business users and their customers in mind. “Since start-ups and established businesses compete to win with expert online brand strategies, we help and partner to establish this presence through our digital branding experience,” Gardner shared. “Because, if UBER was called, there would be no business presence, or venture capital funding interest! The name is everything.”

The firm’s name analysts look at the branding trends in the industry and compile brand names with a matching URL secured. They then complete the brand creation process with what BigDad calls “Frugal and Fair Pricing.” In contrast competing domain name sites average price is US$3,000 or higher, BigDad’s average price is kept at US$880 for names of comparable brand quality.

BigDad has researched and curated domains by industry, such as for Finance & Accounting vertical, priced at just $590

( for travel, which is priced at $1,275.

( for the Café vertical, priced at $1495


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