Binance and Danvel announce partnership: Nazar Babenko & Igor Kotov

Binance is now an international partner of Danvel. It is assumed that such cooperation will allow working closely with the Binance platforms to conclude most of the cryptocurrency transactions. In addition, it will automatically increase the security of transactions several times over. It will also make it possible for users to test asset management.

In addition, the board of directors of Danvel, which includes Nazar Babenko IG: @nazar_8888_ and Igor Kotov IG: @igor_kotov , pleased us with the news that for the company’s traders, transactions on the service will be carried out on special conditions. What exactly these conditions will be, the company promised to announce in the near future, but we are confident it will be something innovative and attractive.

Reminder that, “Danvel” is a diversified company specializing in the trading of goods and currencies, which has been developing in the cryptocurrency market for more than 8 years. Today the company consists of 30 traders and stock analysts. The headquarters are located in Zurich (Switzerland).

The company entered the top 10 best trading teams in 2022.

As for Binance, it is an international cryptocurrency exchange service created in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao IG: @changpengzhao. Over the last couple of years they were able to capture significant portion of the global crypto market and at the moment the service cooperates only with top companies around the world.

Seemingly, Danvel will surprise us more than once with its expansion in the global market. We are in eager anticipation of news in regards to these moves and all should be ready to be part of the changes.