Launch Of Revolution Under Entrepreneur Ravi Narayan Singh’s CheckIn And CheckOut.Com.

As per a recent survey, apparently around 30 crore people end up spending more money on accomodation than is required due to the traditional system. That is why the launch of new hospitality company CheckIn And CheckOut is so much in buzz now. As this start-up by the business entrepreneur and CEO of the company Mr. Ravi Narayan Singh (OWNER, ARD ROOMS24 PRIVATE LIMITED) claims to offer the best solution for travels and stay.
The newly launched company advocates short stay and short-pay. That means now a customer have to pay for limited amount only depending upon the package they choose. Unlike the traditional services by companies where customer have to pay the full amount regardless of their hour of stay. And this whole unique feature holds major potential for profit in coming future. So now no more fixed stay only but short stay option of 3hr, 6hr and normal stay is being offered. The website is called or CIACO Rooms.
Mr. Ravi Narayan Singh(CEO, CheckIn And CheckOut) during interview on being asked about his inspiration for the business and how he is going to handle the future endeavours said,” I’ve seen the problems faced by the people when they book hotels and CheckInAndCheckOut is the solution of all the key problems. And this being my first step in entrepreneurship i am trusting my business with honest and street smart youth who are more than just a educational qualifications.”
Another feature which could mark the success of this company is it’s users as well as business owners/partners generated business module. Here the partners of this business enjoys flexible business style. They control price and have the choice to room allotment procedure. Currently, the company have taken the roots in North-East, East, UP and Delhi in the North and may soon enough they will accommodate more people to provide them a better experiences.

Ravi Narayan Singh
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