Savannah Bananas baseball coming to the Valley for two games in 2023

The Savannah Bananas are supposedly bringing their exciting, one-of-a-kind brand of baseball to Arizona in 2023!

The Bananas are an independent baseball team from Georgia that, until recently, contended in the independent Coastal Plain League. The team has grown vigorously in prominence because of viral social media videos and national coverage by sports outlets.

Most recently, the team declared it will be going on a “Bananas Ball World Tour” contending in displays across the US.

This week the Bananas declared they will be coming to Scottsdale and Peoria just subsequent to Spring Training is finished, to play in two exhibition games.

The team says it will play at Scottsdale Stadium on March 31, and Peoria Sports Complex on April 1, 2023.

In the event that you’ve never known about the Savannah Bananas, or knew about “Banana Ball”, it worths a quick search on any of your social media platforms.

The team plays a unique style of baseball with rules that are intended to make the game faster and more enjoyable for fans. For example, in the event that a fan in the stands gets a foul ball, it counts as an out for their team. Players will try and be seen wearing stilts, having dance-offs, and communicating with the group all through the game. The score is kept, yet the game is focused more on the fun than the actual baseball more often than not.

It’s unclear who the Bananas will contend with in the two exhibition games in Arizona.