Bjorn Seiz aka O5O : The success story you have never heard before

Some are born to rule the world, Bjorn is one of them.

Coming from a modest family background and striking gold is indeed worth a mention in every book. Bjorn has done just that, without any major support or backing, he has risen to the top with his grit and tough go -getter attitude. “Failure should not dampen your spirits, and your journey should continue, bypassing all setbacks and hurdles that come your way” says this raging success, who has created a strong foothold in the world of business. His journey began as an novice who was still trying to tighten the ropes of entrepreneurship. His tryst with import export of clothing didn’t last long and he had to call it quits before it gained momentum. While trying to save his sinking ship, he joined a bank as an apprentice, only to raise some capital for starting his new venture. Unfortunately, this business too failed miserably ending up with a huge debt of half million.

Trying to figure out where was he heading wrong, Bjorn started working on something which would give him sure shot results, without taking much of his time and energy. He zeroed on the cryptocurrency trading business as his next and dwelled deep into making it a success. Within eighteen months of its launch, it stood with a market capitalization of a whopping $4.3 million, which was insanely impressive.

Talking about o5o, which is mainly into personal development, it’s main motto is to prepare entrepreneurs to face the adversities of business and improve their overall development which helps them deal with their business in a better way. Success doesn’t come easy, but Bjorn has shown us that with a determined mind, nothing is impossible. His million dollar brand says a lot about his success, that too at such early age.

Bjorn Seiz is considered as the most reliable investment advisor on Bitcoins, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. His company has spread its wings worldwide and is even featured in eminent magazines like Forbes,, Times Magazine and many more. He has reached pinnacles of success at this young age and his life comes across as a true rags to riches story.

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