Call of duty updated version to be released

WWE 2K20, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, MediEvil secret has been revealed. The lid has been lifted and the fact is that there will not be any loot boxes in the game. No doubt Call of Duty has been seen implementing several microtransactions recently however there has been less emphasis on the layers needs to earn the skins, guns, camos, and titles.

Officials confirmed that there will not be any loot boxes in the Modern Warfare rather battle passes will be replacing them. Players will have to earn the weapons along with all the other items creating a balanced impact of the gameplay, for instance, attachments.

Modern Warfare introduced in the battle pass will feature cosmetic items only. This new system will enable the players to look at the content that they will be buying or earning. These passes will be launched with the timed post-launch seasons. Therefore the players will be able to unlock the updated content matching each season on an individual basis.

The battle pass will constitute The Battle Pass System for Modern Warfare has not been launched even after the release of the game. First and foremost is because the team has been focused on making the experience of the day an awesome one. Secondly, it is significant for all the players who are playing this game to enjoy this wonderful new game and unlock the rewards that are there in the game. A lot is expected of this modern warfare and let’s see if it meets them or not.

However, the rest of the questions will be answered when you will play the game. The team has been committed to providing the game players with the ultimate experience and the game itself will be a proof to it. They claim to deliver a fair system that is followed and guided by the principles of providing the best and most interesting games to the players. At the same time, the team is committed to monitoring player engagement and feedback to come up with better games every time.

The game has introduced a whole new Battle Pass System and not a loot box system.  All kinds of functional content having an impact on the game balance i.e. base attachments and weapons; can simply be accessed and unblocked by playing the game. The newly introduced battle pass system enables the players to see the content that they buy or earn. With this new battle pass system, players will be earning COD points by playing the game. The game has a premium stream of content and free stream both in the battle pass system in modern warfare. Players will earn new base weapons via gameplay. Simply by playing Modern Warfare, the functional attachment for the base weapons is unlocked. The battle pass and the in-game store features several cosmetic contents adding no impact to the game balance. Let’s have patience and wait for the game to be played and have reviews. Hopefully, it will not let anyone down.