Chrome OS tests including the date and more extra to the shelf

Chrome OS will soon be testingan often mentioned feature, the ability to have the current date and notification icons showed in the corner of the shelf.

Throughout recent years, Chromebook proprietors have been mentioning the ability to show the date in the corner of the shelf, close to the current time. Over on the Chromebook Help community, a post mentioning the expansion of the date to the shelf has almost 500 upvotes.

It appears Google is at last listening to the feedback, as a flag coming soon to chrome://flags focuses to Chrome OS getting the date in the shelf. Alongside the date, the shelf can likewise show “important” notifications.

We had the option to get this updated shelf empowered in Chrome OS Canary, offering a glance at how the date will show up in the corner. Close to the notification count, WiFi strength indicator, and battery indicator, you’ll see the current date and time printed in an abbreviated manner, for example, “Feb 15, 1:10”.

Outstandingly, the date can possibly show up in the event that you have the Chrome OS shelf pinned to the bottom of the screen, not the left or right. It’s dubious for the present whether this is a perpetual restriction or if this will be improved before the feature leaves its testing phase.

With respect to the “important notification icons,” Chrome OS considers any notification that is “critical” to be significant —, for example, a low battery warning. Essentially, any notification that is “pinned,” which means it can’t be dismissed, is viewed as significant. The best example of a pinned notification is Chrome OS’s Caps Lock indicator.

In case you’re interested about the notice of your screen waiting be “sufficiently large,” we delved somewhat deeper into what these mean. In the event that your Chrome OS gadget has a showcase somewhere in the range of 800 and 1280 pixels wide, you’ll just acquire the significant notification icons. Any bigger than 1280 pixels wide, and your Chrome OS shelf will acquire the date, as well.

Google has been working on this “Scalable Status Area” that adds the date to the Chrome OS shelf since January. Considering that, the soonest that this improvement to the shelf could show up to give a shot through the above banner would be Chrome OS 90, set to show up in April.