Denver Broncos will seek after Deshaun Watson, if Houston Texans decide to trade him

As the Denver Broncos keep on searching for their first franchise quarterback since Peyton Manning, they purportedly have their eyes on Deshaun Watson.

As per Troy Renck of ABC 7 in Denver, the Broncos will seek after Watson, if the Houston Texans decide to trade him.

The wording of the report is interesting. Whenever taken in a real sense, it implies that the Broncos will not make an offer until the Texans to show that offers are being acknowledged.

Why not make an offer missing an attempt by Houston to make it known that they’ll trade Watson? On the off chance that the Texans eventually get an offer they can’t reject, possibly they’ll be sufficiently smart to not decline it. (Or on the other hand perhaps not.)

The way that the Broncos could send Drew Lock to Houston as a feature of the package can’t do any harm. Lock burnt the Texans in December 2019, scoring a huge miracle in NRG Stadium over a playoff group led by Watson. Several first-round picks and Lock would complete the arrangement.

In any case, if the Broncos intend to wait for the Texans to authoritatively open the market prior to making an offer, the Broncos could be waiting a while. To pry Watson away from the Texans, the Broncos may need to push the issue.

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