DJ Sushi is here to Soushi the Corona crisis in music

Corona crisis, cancellation of concerts, and world music challenges

 The epidemic of the corona virus has stopped the holding of music concerts in many countries of the world, and the artists of different branches of this industry have faced many challenges, directly and indirectly.

 Considering that an important part of the world’s music industry’s income is provided by holding concerts, festivals, and small and large live performances, the cancellation of these programs will affect not only singers, but also musicians, composers, songwriters, organizers, music halls and various related fields.  With this, the industry has also suffered a lot of problems.

 According to the statistics of the “World Economic Forum” website, the annual economic value of the world’s music industry is more than 50 billion dollars, and the recession caused by the corona virus epidemic causes huge losses to this art and other economic sectors of the society.

On the other hand, some other artists in other music sectors were busy in their home studios, writing songs, composing, arranging, or performing other tasks, and the current crisis did not have much impact on their activities.

 However, the corona virus epidemic has affected the lives of the majority of artists in different ways