5 Best Math Books for Home Schooling

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The concept of homeschooling has gained popularity over the past few years. According to the resources, nearly 3.4% of the students in the United States were homeschoolers. Parents opt for homeschooling for various reasons, including lack of resources, lack of trust in the public schools, and protection of cultural values among children.

Homeschooling makes use of very different methodologies compared to traditional schooling. There’s a huge difference between the two but the goals mainly remain the same. Homeschoolers often find it challenging to understand subjects that require critical thinking.

A study found that homeschoolers scored above average in all subjects but math. Fortunately, specialized homeschooling math books can help students when it comes to learning mathematics.

Are you a parent whose child finds it difficult to get hold of mathematical concepts? If yes, you would be delighted to know that we have the solution to your problem.

This blog will list down the best books that make maths easier for your homeschooling child.

5 Best Homeschooling Math Books

1. Math That Makes Sense: Algebra I Homeschool Edition

Math That Makes Sense by Dr. Carol Ameche, Ed.D., aims to simplify algebra for homeschoolers. The book leverages proven learning methods for student understanding and retention. This endeavor aims to create a better understanding of formulas and problems before attempting them. Dr. Carol’s idea is to provide parents with simple and student-centric material. It has been developed keeping advanced math problems in mind. The separate answer guide for the book has every practice problem worked out in detail to easily show students where they made an error. Additionally, it includes advanced problems for students to excel at algebra. The book is also the winner of the International Impact Book Award.

In other words, Math That Makes Sense: Algebra I Homeschool Edition is a complete guide for homeschoolers.

2. Saxon Math

Saxon Math is a go-to option for parents looking for an easy-to-understand math book for children. It offers versatility with simple and unique math solutions for all students of all grades. It provides flexibility for homeschoolers, helping them comprehend each problem with ease. Parents can refer to the guidelines provided by the Saxon Math programs to understand the teaching methods.

3. Principles of Mathematics

Principles of Mathematics provides comprehensive lessons covering different math problems, including algebra. A few factors contributing to the popularity include the quizzes, worksheets, tests, and daily schedules that are a timesaver. Different versions of this math program are available, depending on the grade. Each contains materials essential for homeschooling children to understand mathematical concepts, history, and their practical application.

4. Singapore Math

Inspired by the Singaporean teaching methods, Singapore Math is a popular teaching tool for homeschoolers. First introduced in Singapore, the math program has become a pioneer option for the parents of homeschoolers. It brings an entirely new approach to making math easy for children. The book comes with different methods, including mental math, number bonds, and CPA progression.

5. Mathability: Math in the Real World

Mathability, as the name suggests, enables students to scrutinize and solve realistic math problems and explain the procedures for arriving at a solution. The book incorporates a real-world approach and has proven to be an excellent resource for students to boost their performance. 


Technical subjects like math can be challenging for homeschoolers. However, depending on a reliable teaching resource can make things simple for them. Many proven techniques can help homeschoolers comprehend math problems.

If your child struggles to wrap their head around math, there’s no need to worry. Many math resources can help you make math intriguing for your child. One of such resources is Math That Makes Sense by Dr. Carol Ameche, Ed.D.

The book includes advanced problems for students to excel at algebra with detailed answers. The factor that makes it a perfect option is that each concept is broken down into easily learned parts. Get Math That Makes Sense today and help you understand math in a new way.