OMAX COIN supports short block time and lowers fees for its holders.

Omax launches mainnet on 19th August 2022

Block time is the measure of the time it takes the miners or validators within a network to verify transactions within one block and produce a new block in that blockchain. OMAX BLOCKCHAIN blocking time is competitive compared to the existing blockchain network, i.e., 10 seconds or less. It takes a short time to certify the finality of transactions, such as minute or less.Block time is the length of time it takes to create a new block in a blockchain. A block is a file that records a number of the most recent cryptocurrency transactions.The blockchain is secured by a decentralized group of miners and to use this platform, users pay a certain fee which is called a gas fee to miners in charge of the process.OMAX COIN transaction outputs and lower fees, generates greater scalability.OMAX Coin Chain relies on a system of PoS consensus that can support short block time and lower fees. 

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