Elon Musk Intends to Compete with OpenAI with His AI Business

The story, which cites sources familiar with Elon Musk’s plans, claims that the billionaire is developing an artificial intelligence start-up to compete with ChatGPT producer OpenAI.

The owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, is reportedly putting together a group of engineers and researchers focused on artificial intelligence, and he is also in talks with certain SpaceX and Tesla Inc. investors about investing in his new business.

Following weeks of warnings about possible societal consequences, a group of AI academics and executives—including Musk himself—called for a six-month halt to work on creating systems more effective than OpenAI’s GPT-4.

Businesses like Alphabet Inc. and Microsoft Corp. are attempting to use Generative AI, the technology that powers ChatGPT, the popular chatbot, in their products.

But before ChatGPT is widely used, regulators want clear regulations, which is why there is resistance to it. A task group was established by a European privacy agency as a preliminary measure towards a unified AI policy, while Italy prohibited ChatGPT due to privacy concerns.

According to a source, Musk has acquired hundreds of graphics processing units from Nvidia Corp. These are the computers that drive the processing needed for complex activities like artificial intelligence and high-end graphics. The chip manufacturer’s stock increased on Friday following the announcement; the business declined to comment on the situation.

According to a state filing, Musk registered X.AI Corp, a company that is incorporated in Nevada, last month. Jared Birchall, the managing director of Musk’s family office, is listed as a secretary by the firm, while Musk is listed as the only director.

If the company was connected to Musk’s purported AI start-up endeavors was unclear.

Musk is among the co-founders of OpenAI, an organization that was established in 2015 as a nonprofit. In 2018, he left the company’s board of directors.