The Digital King Maker, Nicola Napolitano: How Nicola lived Centuries in Decades?

He came, he saw, he conquered. The success story of the young entrepreneur, Nicola Napolitano, can be summed up in this phrase. Having a solid reputation in the e-commerce industry, the young man has won the trust of hundreds of millennials out there who used his services to promote their online businesses.

If you have spent even a few days in the industry, you sure would have heard about Nicola. He has founded numerous online stores giving huge sales numbers. He is especially admired in the new lot of online sellers and traders as he has helped many of them maintain their PR and increase their customer base. Talking about his clients, “diversity” is the term that can best describe it. Millennials, Middle-aged folks, newbies, connoisseurs, you can find all sorts of people approaching Nicola to avail themselves of his online services. You can easily verify the legitimacy of Nicola by having a look at his clients earning seven figures.

In the era where a sizeable portion of traders and sellers are shifting to online stores and sites, you sure would want someone who knows the game’s ins and outs. According to statistics, most of these online “to be merchants” are millennials, which is quite a bright thing to see; the youth prospering. It is also a fact that you need to integrate your store/site with the right social platforms and web integrations to grow exponentially. Precisely, this is the void Nicola filled.

Having humble beginnings from Rionero, in Basilicata, young Nicola opened his eyes in 1995. Being the peak time of the dot com boom, he heard the tech slangs and jargons from a very early age. All of this inspired him to pursue a career in this industry later on. He is known as the pioneer of digital marketing in Italy. Besides working on his client’s online stores, Nicola has done several collaborations with celebrities and influencers. Like all his other clients, he has helped some of the most renowned influencers maintain a solid PR on the web. His years of work and expertise in digital marketing have made him an inspiration for the millennials. 

After tasting success in digital marketing and e-commerce, Nicola ventured into Instagram modeling and the fashion industry. He has done photo modeling for quite a lot of high-end brands. Not only this, as they say, the sky is the limit for those who want to fly; he also came up with his music band. Nicola needed a way to express his inspirations in music and symphony. Performing himself and singing along with the fellow band members is perhaps the best way to cater to this urge. You can even lookup for his performance in Sanremo on the web. You surely would be dazed!

Since Nicola wanted to have a legacy and leave a mark globally, he founded an online clothing brand. Expressing minimalism, simplicity, and elegance, the store meets the demands of youth and seniors at the same time. Moreover, he also threw in a line of brand-new accessories in his store on strong public demand. The spectators and online critics estimated the store’s turnover to be at 200K, back in March 2020. The serial entrepreneur will surely be way ahead of this number by now.

Being stagnant is the nightmare of every serial entrepreneur. The universe is too vast to explore, yet we have too little time to do so. Young Nicola adheres to this philosophy as he keeps on exploring new fields once he has achieved a milestone on a particular journey.

As of now, Nicola also mentors young people make sense of their lives. This little life of ours can get so overwhelming sometimes that we sure need a helping hand. Nicola is helping a new lot of online sellers and digital experts achieve their targets. Online sessions, TED-talks, and consultation sessions are some of the ways young entrepreneurs learn from Nicola. He teaches them business management, online strategies, e-commerce rules and infuses in them the spirit to excel. Dedication and persistence are the cruces of this success story. All these achievements and accomplishments are not an overnight job. Years of dedicated efforts and consistent work ethics are behind such success stories. Being a self-made man is equally as hard as glorious it may sound. Nicola had to work with numerous clients, get them their results, make their businesses grow, provide them his consultation services, and only then was he able to see that streak of glory. He has made many people earn millions and has turned former millionaires into billionaires on his way to success. Hard work pays off if done smartly!