Android 12 may patch up split-screen performing multiple tasks with “App Pairs”

Google is purportedly dealing with a patched up performing multiple tasks include that will permit clients to launch application sets in Android 12.

In Android 11, there’s a split screen feature that permits clients to utilize two apps one next to the other. Yet, the feature is somewhat off-kilter to execute, so Google investigating different thoughts.

As per 9to5Google, the search giant is “working on a full revamp of the split screen system in Android 12 with a new feature called ‘App Pairs.’” The current system pins one application and afterward launches another; in Android 12, App Pairs will amass two applications together to use as one task.

“What this should mean is that you’ll be able to pick two of your recently opened apps to become a pair,” 9to5Google said. “Once paired, you should be able to easily swap to using a different single app and then swap back to the pair you created.”

We’ve seen different organizations present application matching features previously, so Google’s feature wouldn’t be anything new. Samsung presented probably the best solutions — additionally called App Pairs — that permitted clients to make custom easy routes of two applications based on their choice. It’s indistinct if Android 12’s App Pairs feature will likewise provide clients with similar adaptability.

As indicated by 9to5Google’s data, Android 12’s App Pairs system will feature a divider that clients can change. “This divider is actually gaining a bit more functionality, allowing you to quickly swap the positions of your two apps by double-tapping the divider.”

We might actually get a brief look at what Android 12 has in-store moderately soon. A year ago, the first Android 11 Developer Preview was released in mid-February, which is about a month away. On the off chance that Google sticks to a comparable schedule, we may see App Pairs in action in only a few weeks.