‘SNL’ debuts with ‘Weekend Update’ tribute to Norm Macdonald, Joe Biden hits

“Saturday Night Live” returned for Season 47 this week and avoided its typical introduction to politics to pay tribute to previous host, Norm Macdonald.

The comedy world was shocked last month when it was declared that the previous “Weekend Update” have had died following a secret cancer fight that he was pursuing for nine years. While his career spanned numerous film and TV appearances as well as a successful stand-up career, he was maybe most popular for his run on “Saturday Night Live” from 1993 until 1999.

On Saturday, current “Weekend Update” has Michael Che and Colin Jost concluded the section by honoring Macdonald and giving him the segment for one last sign-off.

“It is a bitter-sweet night for us tonight,” Jost explained before Che noted the passing of Macdonald in September.

“Norm is the reason that I ever wanted to do ‘Weekend Update,’” Jost added. “So, tonight we thought we’d turn the last few jokes of ‘Weekend Update’ over to Norm.”

With that, the show played a series of clips of Macdonald behind the “Weekend Update” desk from the 1990s, beginning with a joke about Bill Clinton coming out against same-sex marriage.

“The president said he is not too crazy about opposite-sex marriages either,” Macdonald joked, referencing the former president’s affair.

He then, at that point, touched upon plans for a San Diego airport that would be located three miles off the coast in the Pacific ocean.

“It’s all part of a plan by city officials to have a huge disaster,” the star deadpanned.

After a speedy joke about a French man scaling a Manhattan high-rise, the final joke from Macdonald was one with regards to the O.J. Simpson preliminary. The comedian noticed that Simpson’s lawyer, Johnny Cochran, drastically took a stab at the cap that the previous football player purportedly wore during the murders.

Macdonald kidded that Simpson said at preliminary: “hey, hey, easy with that. That’s my lucky stabbin’ hat.”

While the tribute to the late, previous “Weekend Update” have was maybe the most paramount snapshot of the night, Jost and Che didn’t avoid politics completely.

At the point when the segment started. Jost noticed that last season came in the midst of the height of the Covid pandemic as well as the 2020 election. This year, he joked, the most interesting story they had was the infrastructure bill, which was postponed indefinitely.

“So, I guess we’ll just cross that bridge when it collapses on top of us,” he said.

Che, in the interim, gotten groans from the audience when he discussed the story of R. Kelly being seen as blameworthy in his new trafficking and racketeering preliminary in which he was blamed for seeking underage girls and boys. The comedian noticed that condemning will not occur until may.

“R. Kelly’s lawyer successfully negotiated one more school year,” Che joked.

Generally, the hosts were somewhat delicate on President Biden, basically deriding his face while getting his COVID-19 hit as well as praising the bravery it took for somebody with a stutter to name his greatest piece of legislation the tongue-twisting “Build Back Better” plan.