Emerging fashion influencer Lena has proved that a positive mind can do wonders.

This fashionista is also excelling in her travel, beauty and wellness blogging career apart from fashion.

Life is not a bed of roses, and one has to face many difficulties in their journey, but the one who fights through all odds and paves their path to success is the true winner. We have seen many examples in the past who have bypassed the trying times and emerged to top in their careers. Their grit and determination helps them achieve their goals, despite all odds, and that’s the beauty of such individuals who give it their all to achieve their dreams. Lena is one such name who has fought her tough past with courage and today exudes positivity through her online presence.

Her enchanting personality is partly hidden as her face is still a mystery, but her aura is mesmerizing despite that. Her vibrant personality backed by her colourful attire creates a different kind of liking for her which is unexplainable. No wonder she has many followers on her Instagram account which have already reached more than 4 million and the numbers are growing by the day. The charmer that she is, none can escape from her magnetic personality which is displayed through her eye catching photographs clicked at various exotic locales. Creativity runs in her blood and that’s what made her establish her presence as a fashion influencer on Instagram.

When asked about how she feels to be in the list of top fashion influencers in business, she readily answers, “I started my Instagram page to divert my mind off from the struggles I faced daily due to my chronic illness, but somehow I met many interesting people along the way and was able to connect to many like minded people who were passionate about fashion. Gradually I learnt the art of dressing up which was liked by people, boosting my confidence and somehow I landed up being an impressive fashion influencer, though I don’t like that term.” 40 year old, Ukraine born Lena migrated to the United States in mid 90s and never in her wildest dreams thought that she would create this big impact with her work. Today apart from being a top fashion influencer she has also excelled in food, travel, beauty and fashion blogging which is well displayed on her website www.lenasworld.com. She has indeed proved that if one is focused, nothing can stop them from achieving success.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @panthere_instyle