Engineer alters fourth-gen iPod with worked in Wi-Fi and Spotify

iPod touch is formally the solitary iPod Apple has ever released with Wi-Fi connection, yet imagine a scenario where other older iPods likewise had an internet connection and access to streaming services. That is actually what engineer Guy Dupont had the option to do with his fourth-generation iPod, which was adjusted with worked in Wi-Fi and the Spotify application.

The fourth-generation iPod (and we’re not discussing the iPod touch) was presented in 2004 with a tiny display, Click Wheel, and no wireless connections. This hasn’t prevented Dupont from transforming one of these iPods into a modern gadget — sort of — that can even access songs from Spotify.

Indeed, there’s very little of the original iPod left in this modified gadget. That is on the grounds that the engineer supplanted almost all the internal components to accomplish this, keeping simply the original case with Click Wheel (by means of Engadget). Even so, the final result is quite interesting and fun to see.

The “sPot,” as called by Dupont, has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, in addition to a color screen and an internal 1,000mAh battery. He utilized a $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Micro-USB connector to make and install a version of Spotify (utilizing Spotify’s true APIs) that looks like the classic iPod interface.

Dupont showed the altered iPod running Spotify and sharing the audio with an external speaker through Bluetooth connection in a video on his channel.

The project cost under $100 in total, however, the designer has no aim of selling altered iPods with Spotify. Instead, he shared more insights regarding how he built the “sPot” on Hackaday and furthermore the source code of the software he made on GitHub.

Albeit this doesn’t appear to be something numerous clients will do with their iPods, it positively makes everyone can’t help thinking about what it would resemble if Apple had offered new versions of iPod classic or even iPod nano with Apple Music support.