Google Chrome for Android might be acquiring Google Lens shortcuts

For a few months at this point, Chrome for Android has had a simple shortcut to look for a picture you find online utilizing Google Lens. Presently it appears Chrome for Android might be acquiring helpful Google Lens shortcuts.

In Chrome for Android today, you can long-press on almost any picture you find on the web and play out a Google Lens search, supplanting Google Images reverse search. As per a pair of code changes [1, 2] submitted to the Chromium project, which add two new flags to chrome://flags, it appears Google intends to bring extra Google Lens shortcuts to Chrome for Android.

From the descriptions, Chrome for Android will acquire another Google Lens button on the New Tab Page, likely close to the current Voice Search button in the search bar. Additionally, a Google Lens icon ought to show up close to the Voice Search button while exploring your current tab to another page. The plans should look suggestive of the one next to the other Voice Search and Google Lens buttons in the search bar of the Google Search application on Android.

The Google Lens button will probably go about as a straightforward alternate route to open the Google Lens application, the same as the shortcuts found in Google Search and Google Camera. Generally, this seems like another little move in Google’s bigger push to promote Google Lens.

Considering the code changes related with these two banners are as yet set apart as “Work in Progress,” it very well might be quite a while yet before we see this deeper Google Lens integration show up in Chrome for Android. At the earliest, we may see this feature appear for Chrome for Android version 90 due in April, on the off chance that it launches by any means.