Exclusive interview with Ali Pourmohamad regarding TV commercials on major media

We recently interviewed Ali Pourmohamad, a successful Iranian director, producer, and documentary maker who has won various awards in the profession and participated in international festivals, and asked him about television advertising.

How do you see TV commercials as someone who has also worked in advertising?

In response, he said: “Due to the nature of television media, the distribution of audience groups and the calculation of different costs, etc. are effective in achieving an effective television advertisement.” I see TV commercials as the biggest tool to influence the audience because with TV, people with different interests get involved in watching our commercials. I consider TV advertising to be a very powerful tool in increasing the credibility and value of companies. TV advertising is the most effective way to increase sales and introduce companies’ products because we outperform them in competition with other products and increase company sales.

What are the types of TV commercials?

Ali Pourmohamad said in relation to this question that there are different types of TV commercials and different examples can be given.

For example, subtitles or various texts in TV programs are also considered as part of TV commercials, but as a director, the best kind of effect is done for the audience between the programs, for example, making 15 to 50 seconds clips that have the form of a story, or animations that introduce our product. Note that in both cases the music plays a vital role and must be used to make an impact. There are other ways of advertising on TV that we can introduce our product in a short documentary in a few minutes, but it all depends on our budget, and we have to estimate how much we want to spend.

The mentioned points were only a part of our interview with Ali Pourmohamad, one of the successful Iranian directors who has achieved great achievements in various professions. For a full interview, you can search for his name on YouTube.

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