Filmmaker Alois Nashali named on 2019 list of 100 most influential Africans

 The renowned-Canadian cinematography and film director Alois Nashali has been recognized for his contributions to the global literary scene by the New African magazine.

Alois Nashali, Known for his documentaries and non-fiction short films depicting the experience of contemporary Africa and the African diaspora in Canada.

The list recognizes Africans who have made large contributions to the continent and its culture, from reform-leading political figures to business pioneers and record-breaking athletes. The list includes the likes of Nobel Peace Prize winner Abiy Ahmed and Kenyan world record breaking marathon runner, Eliud Kipchoge. According to “Worldremit,” those chosen to be on the list exemplify how African talent is impacting the world.

His remarkable achievement in the film industry has greatly contributed to him being ranked in the Top 100 list of influential entities in the continent.    To mention a few of his memorable achievements.

It will always be remembered that the canadian film director Alois Nashali bagged the Digi60 awards for his remarkable directing role in shooting of the Documentary Beautiful Cracked Smile (2018). And it’s in the same year that his other documentary Through The Lens of an Immigrant was also largely featured in the One World Film festival.

In 2020, Alois Nashali was also featured as a cautionary tale by the international and regional media to help caution the young people against the risk of Covid-19.

“The recognition will help me enlighten young people out there who still believe Covid-19 is a myth,” Explained Alois Nashali.

The recognition is timely as the majority of the youths are yet to come into terms with the existence Covid-19 pandemic.