Follow us through the inspiring and fascinating story of Daniel Oche Onoja, someone who never gave up and had the courage to pursue his dream

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognise them.

And who knows this better than Daniel Oche Onoja, a man who never said no to any opportunity and later turned his dreams into reality.

Raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Daniel always had an aptitude and interest for technology and the internet. Even when young, he used to experiment or learn new things about digitisation and machines. In 2005, he was acquainted with the concepts of online trading and more specifically the methodologies of Forex Trading, a decentralised currency exchange business. He was instantly intrigued and fascinated with the concept and that marked the start of his journey.

His kindled passion and ardour for technology and digital financial products made him enrol into one of the top tier IT schools in Lagos, WiMAX institute of computer technology. With the skills and experience he acquired from the training school, Daniel embarked into the world of digital marketing, software vendoring and hardware repairs. He worked hard and devoted himself to learn these techniques until he got into the esteemed University of Abuja.

The early exposure and the skill set acquired through courses gave him an edge over other candidates and paved the way for a bright future ahead.

In 2015, the rapid evolution of the Internet and technology dramatically impacted many industries. Immense opportunities were being provided to young people with dexterity and aptitude for the same. Daniel realised the shift and was satisfied to see his hard work and efforts bearing fruit. In order to keep himself updated and become proficient with the rapid pacing domain, he joined the GLE Team under the leadership of his role model Paulo Tuynman.

Paulo Tuynman had a great influence on Daniel and also through his recommendations, Daniel was able to work at the most eminent and one of the top companies that dealt with crypto currency and Forex Trading, OmegaPro. OmegaPro is a worldwide Forex and crypto currency trading company that has a full fledged private bank in London regulated by the FCA.

The enthusiasm and the persistent endeavour that Daniel Oche Onoja possesses should be an inspiration to all the budding entrepreneurs teaching them how dreams do come true when worked for it.

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